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2022 in Review

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

2022 had a turbulent start. I let the fear of getting hurt close my heart. I allowed perfection to prevent me from sharing my art, and then started to tear my ideas apart.

Despite my shortcomings, I believe this year was a crucial part of my development. It was about expanding the scope of my creative endeavors and discovering my unstoppable self. When life got challenging, I turned to my creative outlets, I explored alternative forms of expression, and found a state of flow so powerful my videos practically arranged themselves. The cost of getting back on track was a commitment to the growth mindset and a couple stretches of self isolation. I look forward to another year of learning, failing, and creating.

My Goals For 2023:


  • Create my short film titled “The Cobbler”

  • Finish online Blender course

  • Incorporate 3D elements into my creative workflow

  • Direct a banger music video

  • Continue writing everyday

  • Storytelling over visuals

  • Shoot more on film

  • Drawing (Surrealism)

Software & Tech:

  • Develop a working prototype/MVP of my app idea “Memory Spot” (team dependent)

  • Learn React, MongoDB, and Node JS by the end of Feb

  • Graduate as a full stack Software Dev in April

  • Study Swift for iOS development

  • Set up RAID & NAS storage

  • Build a long range 7” FPV quad for ridge dives


  • Create a film reel & media kit for marketing

  • Build Cascade Productions & fix website

  • Respond to clients within one business day

  • Create more spec work

  • Be more responsible with camera equipment purchases 😂


  • Continue practicing the piano everyday (Including music theory)

  • Master Vivaldi’s “Winter”


  • One book a month


  • Avalanche Skills Training 1 & Crevasse Rescue

  • Explore more ice caves

  • Traverse more glaciers

  • Assiniboine 4-5 day hike

  • Centennial Ridge

  • Camping the Bugaboos

  • Pemberton icefields

  • Peyto Hut

Health & Fitness:

  • Bench press PR of 245 lb

  • C5’s at the climbing gym

  • Actually show up for leg day

  • Actually eat food (aim for 2500 cal/day)

Other Goals:

  • Move to a new place in YYC

  • Make more time for all my friends!

  • Get more involved in Calgary’s creative community

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